Intense Acne Treatment In Ahmedabad

Intense Acne Treatment

Acne or in common words ‘pimples’ are caused by hyperactivity of sebaceous glands of the skin. They also occur under certain hormonal influences. T here are different types and grades of acne. Acne usually occurs in the age group of 15-25 years. The consequences of acne are acne marks (dark spots & scars) which are difficult to treat. So, it is better to treat acne in the early stages to prevent these complications. Our doctors will analyze the type and grade of acne and accordingly will suggest treatments best suited for your skin.

Acne Peel Treatment

The acne peel treatment at Shree Rang Skin Clinic at Ahmedabad works on mild to severe acne (Grade 0 to 3) and has a 4 step mechanism.

  • Deep cleanses blocked pores.
  • Slows production of sebum.
  • Removes bacteria and impurities
  • Improves skin texture and discoloration.

Depending on your concern, dermatologist may recommend a combination of treatment options including lasers, peels and oral prescription medication.

Types of Acne Scars

There are four types of acne scars separated by the dermatologist.

  • Carbon Laser Treatment: Ahmedabad’s first USFDA approved TRI-BEAM premium medical laser carbon peel is a fast and effective treatment at Shree Rang Skin Clinic at Ahmedabad. It works best for all skin types but highly beneficial for oily skin, acne, enlarged or clogged pores. It deeply exfoliates the skin and helps stimulate collagen production.
  • Anti-Acne Peel: Chemical peel treatment is a medicated solution that is applied to the skin or affected area. The solution removes dead skin, unclogs pores, and helps to regenerate new skin. A chemical peel works best for blemishes, acne, and acne scars. There are three types of peels: Superficial Peels, Medium Peels, and Deep Peels. The chemical peel treatment is suitable for all skin types examined and suggested by your dermatologist who will suggest the best peel based on your skin texture, type, problem, and some other similar aspects.

Acne Treatment at Shree Rang Skin Clinic

Dr. Neha Tahiliani at Shree Rang Skin Clinic has been treating acne successfully for the past 10 years. She has treated several clients with the latest products & technology. As soon as you will visit at Shree Rang Skin Clinic, she will analyse your skin first and then will prescribe the best treatment protocol like clean-ups, peels, lasers along with some oral medication that suites your skin concern.