Mesotherepy For Hair Regrowth

Mesotherepy For Hair Treatment

Remember that day when your batch mates planned a sudden reunion, and you refused to join cause you knew you will feel uncomfortable there, or maybe they make fun of you due to your bald patches? I totally can feel your ache. Hair plays a very important role in our personality. Every person wants good hair with good quality and quantity.

Hair loss can occur at any age or to anyone, be it a girl or a boy, a man or a woman. If it is 50-100 of hair fall, then it is unnoticeable, but if it occurs regularly and a new hair doesn’t grow in its place, then it is a matter of concern. But you don’t need to panic! The best solution to this is mesotherapy.

Hairfall can occur due to stress, hormonal change, the reaction of a drug, or it can be hereditary. It can be permanent or temporary. But if it is permanent, then you should look for its treatment.

Mesotherapy can be taken by any age, there is no age limit for this therapy. Also, this is considered as the best way of getting newly grow flaunting hair.

What is Mesotherepy?

It is a treatment for hair fall, baldness, alopecia, patches, and any type of hair loss. It is a non-surgical therapy or you can say a treatment for the fineness of hair done with the injection guns. Injection guns are of vitamins, extracts of the plant, enzymes, nutrition, medicines, etc injected in the head. It is an alternative to a surgery of hair fall, and the best option one can opt for.

How a Mesotherepy Takes Place?

Mesotherapy includes injection guns of vitamins, vials, medicines, nutrition, etc injected for regrowth. It rejoices the cells and helps in the regrowth of new hair faster. 5 sessions are enough for the treatment of hair loss. 1 session takes 10-30 minutes at least to complete and according to the area of patches. It is not so painful and shows fast results. The chance of success of mesotherapy is 92-90%. It is suggested that mesotherapy is better than a surgical one.

We know that bald patches, hair fall, etc irritate a lot so we are here to help you out in any situation regarding your hair fall problem with our best mesotherapy treatment. Our clinic is known as Shree Rang clinic situated in Ahmedabad.