Women who have hyperpigmentation in the skin due to pregnancy feel very stressed and embarrassed. They avoid going out of their homes and have a sense of embarrassment in themselves. The pigmentation usually happens with women of darker skin. It is primarily found in the age of women around 20 to 30. It is basically a cosmetic condition but requires a long process to recover.

What causes melasma?

  • It can be due to genetics, if their family or mother is suffering from melasma, the daughter might also suffer.
  • ExposIt can be due to genetics, if their family or mother is suffering from melasma the daughter might also suffer.
  • If you have used some oral contraceptives, contraceptives, it might also be a reason

If someone has suffered once from melasma which may have an outbreak in the future as well.

How is Melasma Treated?

  • Creams that have de-pigmentation content in it are best at curing melasma. They remove dark skin cells. They take months to recover, however, are one of the best solutions for curing melasma. It also shows some side effects such as redness and irritation in the skin.
  • There are some oral therapies that usually take six months to recover. In this oral therapy, they halt the production of melanin in the skin. In this process, the wait for the skin to regenerate itself. This process also has some side effects such as headaches and changes in the menstrual cycle.
  • Chemical peels also treat melasma to a greater extent. But it is only effective when the melasma is in the upper layer of the skin and not on the third layer.

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