Stem Cell Therepy

Stem Cell Therepy

Having good quality hair is becoming a big dream nowadays. Pollution, stress, mood swings, make us lost our war with those bald patches, hair fall, excessive baldness, etc. And if it turns up permanent then we start facing problems. Like losing confidence, feeling low all the time, when our bald patches don’t leave us at all. Even after having a course of medicines. In this era of Modernisation we have come up with the solution to this varied problem and yes it is stem cell therapy that can help you out from any type of hair problem.

What Is Stem Cell Therepy?

It is a type of hair transplant you can say but a non-surgical one. It helps you to regenerate hair for your scalp. It plants new cells and rejoices your scalp for the regrowth of new hair. It regenerates and grows the shrunken and dead follicles and for the regrowth of hair.

The Proces of Stem Cell Therapy

Firstly doctors will ask you to have them your approx say 500 hair follicles. Then they will examine them and make them able to produce many other cells out of them. And the process will increase the amount from 500 to at least 1 lakh. And then to in 15-20 days.

After that examination process doctors will inject those cells hair follicles into your scalp carefully in the needed areas. And those cells will regenerate the shrunken follicles and push them to grow new hair.

This process includes 2-6 sittings according to the area of baldness and person’s age and problem. 1 sitting takes 40-60 minutes to complete. This process helps in getting your new hair easily.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

  1. It is a cost-effective process.
  2. Very mild temperature can be felt after having this treatment done.
  3. This process shows positive results.
  4. Stem cell therapy takes very little time to complete its process.
  5. A very comfortable therapy.
  6. A few settings you need to take in this process.
  7. Safest and easiest way of getting back good quality hair.

We with our specialized team are here to help you in any way with your baldness. Feel free to contact me regarding stem cell therapy at Shree Rang Clinic situated in Ahmedabad.