Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch Marks Treatment

Do you want to wear some shorts and crop dresses but you can’t just because you have stretch marks and it doesn’t appear good? So wipe away this cause with us. At Shree Rang skin clinic Ahmedabad, you will get your solution to the stretch marks in your body. We are the best clinic in and around Ahmedabad providing the best service to you. We will say goodbye to your stretch marks and it will make you look more beautiful and increase your self-confidence.

What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are long narrow strips or scars that develop on the skin. It occurs when the skin gets stretched. It is more frequent in women than men. It usually happens when the skin does not resume its original state from a long period of weight loss weight gain puberty of pregnancy. The most common areas where stretch marks appear are hips, breasts, waist, abdomen, buttocks, and flank. Initially, stretch marks appear thin and are pink in color. It makes us irritated and itchy. They eventually get flat and change their colour to grey.

Causes of Stretch Marks

  • Puberty: During the period of puberty one May experience a change in the body. During this phase stretch marks appear in the skin.
  • Pregnancy: During the time pregnant women experience stretch marks before and after the birth of the child due to the stretching of the skin.
  • Weight gain: When a human body gain weight during a short period of time, the body stretches in one go and so stretch marks appear.
  • Medical conditions: There are certain medical conditions such as Marfan Syndrome and Cushing syndrome. These causes elasticity in the skin and put on a lot of weight gain, causing stretch marks all over the skin.

Our human skin is made up of three layers. The risk factors involved in having stretch marks is linked to various factors:

How to Cure Stretch Marks?

Our Doctor Neha Tahiliani will examine your stretch mark, skin your skin’s texture, and will go through your past medical certificates, check your signs and symptoms. Then they will suggest medical treatment. Stretch marks does not have any side effects. Sometimes they may have a slight medical infection, it can easily be cured by proper caring.

Prevention of Stretch Marks:

  • Avoid extra weight of your body
  • Always aim for slow weight gain during your period of pregnancy
  • Eat food which is rich in vitamin A and C, also which are rich in minerals
  • Drink six to eight glasses of water everyday.

Stretch marks are temporary and can be cured for a lifetime. Its treatment possesses no health hazards. At Shree Rang skin clinic Ahmedabad, we provide permanent treatment for stretch marks. We will not let you worry about this. We provide the best treatment and will also explain the prevention. I will be available for you for any other further medical conditions.